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Colab notebooks

We currently utilise the Google co-lab environment for an easy platform for students to use python notebooks with Quokka.  For those of you with early access to Quokka, we have provided some example notebooks and lessons to play with before the launch of the public Quokka Quantum platform.

For any questions on these notebook lessons, please contact

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All co-lab files contain the following headers that point to the online location of your Quokka.  

you can keep your code pointed at "quokka1" which are the fleet of Quokkas at Eigensystems or you can change it to your individual quokka by replacing "quokka1" with "theq-#DEVICEID" from your Quokka on-boarding app.



Basic Bell-state preparation

A simple Colab script to create and measure a two-qubit Bell state using Quokka


Run a QASM script

Do you have a QASM script that you have build from QisKit?  Run it directly on Quokka with this simple co-lab script.

Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 7.09.52 pm.png


The Deutsch-Josza Algorithm

Build both classical and Quantum oracles and use Deutsch-Josza to show quantum supremacy with your Quokka. 


Superdense coding with Cirq

Interface your Quokka with Google's Cirq programming language.  In this lesson we use Google Cirq to construct superdense coding protocols and then use our Quokka to implement them.

Screenshot 2024-02-18 at 1.02.44 pm.png
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